June 18, 4pm-6pm Istanbul/ 3pm-5pm Berlin/ 9am-11am New York 

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Sign-up to join Aisha's live experiential group webinar to discover 3 Keys to Leading a Prospering Design Practice Aligned with Spirit & your Divine Calling while Paving the Way for the New Earth Architecture 🏛️ 🌎.  

2hr Live Webinar begins June 18, 4pm Istanbul/ 3pm Berlin/ 9am New York! 

Doors close June 17. 

🌟 ONLY For high-achieving, spirit-conscious women architects, landscape architects, interior designers, urban planners, space/ house healers.


calling high-achieving spirit-conscious women architects, Designers & Space Healers!

Discover 3 Keys to Leading a Prospering Design Practice Aligned with Spirit & your Divine Calling While Paving the Way for the New Earth Architecture!

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 Attract ideal clients & projects aligned with spirit & your divine calling while generating an abundant income stream. 

 Create dream sanctuaries with success, ease & flow without compromising your health and values. 

 Build a nourishing & creative work rhythm, enjoying more time outdoors connecting with your body & Nature, freeing yourself from the grind, stress and overworking of conventional practice. 

 Weave spirit and energy confidently in project planning without holding back your true expression in fear of what colleagues and clients may think of you.

 Unearth your soul's next-level mission and unique gifts so you shine your light and do the work you're truly meant to do on Earth.

 Become a cutting-edge leader in architecture, interior and landscape design while paving the way for a future architecture that heals people and this planet. 

Hi, I'm Aisha Rose Melodie Hassan


After 20 + years of pouring my love into teaching and practicing architecture internationally and successfully working with land energetics, I've discovered how to design beautiful properties that bring vibrant health & wealth to my clients and this planet

My signature system, The Sacred Blueprint™, has touched 1000+ architects & property owners in less than 2 years. I’m a sought-after expert, the only one in my field providing high-touch coaching for women architects & designers on how to partner with Nature's energy to create homes, communities, gardens, and cities of the future.

After a successful career in conventional architecture, I was miserable and depleted. Not only that, I could see the limits of the old paradigm and how they were a detriment to our Mother Earth. I listened to my inner call, took the big leap, and quit my job to revolutionize a new way!

Now, I'm passionately living my mission, leading a flourishing business and sooo lit up about the work I get to do everyday! I want this for you, too...

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You study spiritual wisdom, healing or meditation, and want to learn how to use energy as a design tool to build sanctuaries that restore balance & beauty on this planet while attracting amazing money, projects & clients! 

You have lost your passion & love for architecture and are searching for a fresh modality that brings joy & ease to project planning while healing your body & Soul.

You desire to be part of a new global movement of women architects & designers and re-activate your feminine magic.   

You sense an indescribable huge shift arising and know you have an important role in pioneering the future architecture!


Tami Codianne Miller_circle"I gained a lot of power to be BOLD, to become who I truly am and not be afraid to speak my own truth with my own voice!

Aisha’s guidance was so powerful and healing to my soul. I feel I went through a deep transformation and I got rid of a bunch of blocks. I received a lot of energy from Aisha and from our amazing women’s circle, a wonderful healing container of rising woman power. Your sensitive attention and open-hearted attitude helped me to recognize my own blindspots and schemings, which was a great point of awakening in some way:) I became more conscious. I feel I am more grounded after the Architect’s Studio and can spread more magic which is the most important thing for me! Now, I can see much clearer my way of working, and have formed my visions and services. I would recommend Aisha because working with her is a very deep and transformative journey. She gave me so much power and inspiration to step into my dreams and be BOLD and brave enough to re-structure my beliefs. She is an amazing wise listener who asks the right questions..and as a result, I became more conscious and have clearer visions. She was able to dissolve unsupportive belief systems in me which had a healing and uplifting effect not only on my business but also for me! Thank you so much Aisha!”

Andrea Benedek-Szabó, Holistic Interior Designer,

Anna Morcombe

"Aisha's program is vital to my centering and connecting to my truth!"

Aisha's mentoring has greatly allowed me to explore the inner worlds of myself that are needed in today's world. And to bring them forward in my passion and thinking. I am integrating parts of my experience. I am fulfilling the mission that I'm here for, Alchemizing, Nurturing, Honoring, and Healing with light in my heart. Aisha is a healer. So far, I began healing myself and I now recognize I am a healer. So, I can express myself peacefully, without dimming my light with shame or worry. This is part of the container we've created, and Aisha is holding supportively through the program, to brith the creativity that's in me through my projects. For me, saying YES to this is transformational, I am having new breakthroughs often, and achieving my goals. Her guidance has encouraged me to direct my work and make decisions in ways that support my flow." 

Anna Morcombe, Architectural Designer and Land Healer,

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"It was refreshing to be really listened to and supported to pursue design in a soul-centred way, connected to earth and spirit!

Aisha taught me new ways of connecting to my intuition to guide the design process. She encouraged me to get very clear about my future desires and I believe this clarity helped to unlock incredible manifesting powers! My very specific dream which seemed impossible has miraculously taken shape and I am now working on projects that are meaningful with communities that I want to impact positively."

Veronica Burch, Architect & Interior Designer

Tami Codianne Miller_circle"The gift that Aisha shares is unique in its transformation to allow you to grow directly and indirectly from her teachings and through her words of empowerment.

In her one-on-one mentor offerings, she finds those points of connections with the land, with spirit, with inspiration, and with source, and stewards you into finding your own connections as well. Her personalized meditations and check-ins guided me step-by step into developing a greater trust in my intuition and body sense while the practices and exercises encouraged me to think through how it all translated into the vision and mission of creating my business offerings."

Tami Codianne-Miller, Intuitive Designer

Sanya Asmar_circle

"Truly great mentors are hard to find but when found are impossible to forget!

Aisha is one of the rare soul-touching mentors who didn’t have the answers for me but had magical skills to help me find my own. She believed in me, inspired me, helped me focus, was around me and allowed me to see the hope inside myself. She brought forth my skills and encouraged me to master what I am good at. From weakness to strength and from nothing to something, “Aisha” was the “Rose” that balanced my vibes to compose a “Melody” … That’s what AISHA ROSE MELODIE is to me. Every time I try to count my blessings Aisha is amongst the top 3. She's a soul mentor and I can’t thank her enough for making a great difference in my personal & professional life. With her empowering me to see a possible future, and believe it can be obtained, allowing me to see the higher part of myself when sometimes it becomes hidden to my own view I will always find my way to move forward with her."

Sanya Asmar, Architectural Designer & Human-Space Healing Consultant

Goedele Aerts_circle

"I am able to achieve more than I thought possible for myself!

I love how Aisha guides me with her individuality. With an intuitive way she feels very well what is right and what is not right. Aisha brings out my uniqueness. She motivates and enthuses and also knows how to correct where necessary. This is a nice balance between male doing energy and female arising energy. In this way, I can only become the best version of myself, right now. I am able to achieve more than I thought possible for myself! Because of her guidance and motivation, I can now transform all thoughts, all possibilities that shoot or wander through my mind into actions, concrete and tangible form. Because of this I am now developing and working out a unique, workable trajectory for my clients, which also completely fits who I am. Through our cooperation and guidance I gain self-confidence in my own abilities. It is worth it and I am already motivated to get out what is in it, every moment!"

Goedele Aerts, Landscape Architect, Founder of Garden Constellations™

Veronica Burch_Headshot_transparent background

"My journey with Aisha has been genuinely transformative, leaving a profound impact on both my architectural practice and personal life!

Aisha's skillful guidance has led me to awaken the divine temple builder within, fostering a deep trust in my own abilities and encouraging me to surrender to the great mysteries of creation. Her mentorship has played a crucial role in unlocking my inner knowings, intuition, and beautiful imagination. Throughout this process, I've successfully shed limiting beliefs, including the scarcity mindset and imposter syndrome.

Under Aisha's wise counsel, I've not only delved into spiritual and energetic exercises but have also honed essential skills, such as establishing healthy boundaries and mastering effective time and resource management. The integration of self-care and spiritual practices has proven to be pivotal, creating a harmonious balance that has profoundly elevated both my personal and professional life. All in all, this approach empowers me to work from a place of graceful flow and divine action and, most importantly, to serve as a bridge between heaven and Earth, bringing a divinely enriched perspective to my endeavours.

The positive impacts of Aisha's mentorship extend beyond the achievement of my initial goals, notably securing my first perfectly aligned client—a tangible testament to her effective guidance. Aisha's influence has expanded my approach to architecture, empowering me to lead my business with a heartfelt commitment to bringing healing, harmony, and beauty to my clients, the world, and all its beings.

Aisha's strength lies in her intuitive guidance and unwavering commitment to honouring one's authentic self. This unique approach creates an environment where my individuality and imagination not only thrive but are thoughtfully cultivated to fulfill my true purpose.

I wholeheartedly recommend Aisha to fellow architects and designers aspiring to fulfill their truest dreams. Aisha's personal experience in the profession and sacred arts combined with her insightful guidance, illuminates a clear path toward both professional and personal growth."

Alexandra Bogusat, Architect, MAA



3 Keys to Leading a Prospering Design Practice Aligned with Spirit & your Divine Calling while Paving the Way for the New Earth Architecture 🏛️ 🌎 💫 .  

2hr Live Webinar begins June 18, 4pm Istanbul/ 3pm Berlin/ 9am New York 

Doors close June 17