Hear how a journey to Ephesus & the Temple of Artemis, Mystery School, Mega Power Place, Bridge Between East & West, helped 4 women uplevel their prospering spirit-led design practice and pioneer the new earth architecture while making a healing impact for the next 7 generations and beyond!  



Goedele Aerts  

Landscape Architect & Founder of Garden Constellations®

Tune into this interview👆🏼 to discover how Goedele's VIP Retreat to Ephesus helped her:

Blow open her creation capacities and tap forces of vitality and fertility 🌱 that are key for birthing sanctuaries of her dreams

Access an essential design tool for generating beautiful energetically aligned gardens that heal her clients and this planet 🌎

Unleash her intuitive powers and capacity to sense subtle energies in the earth with flow and ease (rather than self-doubt) so she leads her projects with laser precision and confidence

Become rooted in an undying source of bounty and joy ❤️ feeding her professional and personal life while paving the way for her soul's bigger mission    



Özgül Öztürk  

Ecological & Circular Design Architect, Founder of Döngüsel Tasarım 

Tune into this interview👆🏼 to discover how Özgül's VIP Retreat to Ephesus helped her:

Make huge strides in her design practice manifesting big business goals in a matter of weeks rather than months 🔥 😄  

Remember her feminine magic and divine calling, so she designs incredible properties without overworking and stress while gaining crystal clarity about the important legacy she's building for her community and the world 

Anchor in a unique design modality aligned with her own frequency so she serves her clients from a place of overflowing nourishment rather than lack and depletion    

Receive loving support and confirmation that's she's on the right path from her ancestors, Nature and the Elements strengthening her entire being so she's stays unwavering with her mission and spreads more light to build the future healing architecture 🏛✨



Anna Morcombe  

Architectural Designer & Land Healer, Founder of Dwelling Design 

Tune into this interview👆🏼 to discover how Anna's VIP Retreat to Ephesus helped her:

Download a crucial message 💎 from Spirit resulting in a profound realization and inner shift opening the way for her authentic expression and true voice

Awaken to the transformative power of her shadow to shed outdated mind programming and ways of being that were holding her back from becoming the teacher, guide and creator she's meant to be. 

Strengthen her muscle for discerning truth and listening to the Spirit of Place 🐉 ⛰️ enabling her to guide her clients through successful visioning and design aligned with the energy of the land 🏡 🌀 

Ignite her rebel within fuelling the fortune of her business and propelling a restructuring of her offerings to suit her dream lifestyle bringing in more health and wealth 💰 💫 



Anemona Crisan 

Visual & Site Specific Artist, Founder of BearthHumanity 

Tune into this interview👆🏼 to discover how Anemona's VIP Retreat to Ephesus helped her:

Birth incredible new creations while anchoring in her soul's next big task in service to pioneering the new earth 

Get clear on her urgent role as an artist and why her art is a tool for deep transformation connected to ancient-future temple building 

Uncover the Goddess within to heal her wounds and open her up to a totally revolutionary way of receiving inspiration and creating 

Unlock profound wisdom and tap the life force in the land restoring her to the divine leader she is so she broadcasts her vision with majestic force 🔥magnetizing magical opportunities and abundance   

Hi, I'm Aisha Rose!


After 20 + years of pouring my love into teaching and practicing architecture internationally and successfully working with land energetics, I've discovered how to design beautiful properties that bring vibrant health & wealth to my clients and this planet

My signature system, The Sacred Blueprint™, has touched 1000+ architects & property owners in less than 2 years. I’m a sought-after expert, the only one in my field providing high-touch coaching for women architects, designers & visionary leaders on how to partner with Nature's energy to create homes, gardens, communities, and cities of the future.

After a successful career in conventional architecture, I was miserable and depleted. Not only that, I could see the limits of the old paradigm and how they were a detriment to our Mother Earth. I listened to my inner call, took the big leap, and quit my job to revolutionize a new way!

Now, I'm passionately living my mission, leading a flourishing business and sooo lit up about building the dream sanctuaries I help my clients create. I want this for you, too!