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Who Are Ready to Build the Sacred Blueprints of Our New Earth!


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  by Awakening Your Soul's Purpose & Partnering with the Spirit of the Land 

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I am Aisha Rose Melodie Hassan 


After 20 + years of pouring my love into teaching and practicing architecture internationally and successfully working with land energetics, I’ve discovered how to design beautiful properties that bring vibrant health & wealth to my clients and this planet.

My signature system, The Sacred Blueprint™, has touched 1000+ architects & property owners in less than 2 years. I’m a sought-after expert, the only one in my field providing high-touch coaching for women architects & designers on how to partner with Nature’s energy to create homes, communities, gardens, and cities of the future.

After a successful career in conventional architecture, I was miserable and depleted. Not only that, I could see the limits of the old paradigm and how they were a detriment to our Mother Earth. I listened to my inner call, took the big leap, and quit my job to revolutionize a new way! Now, I’m passionately living my mission, leading a flourishing business and sooo lit up about the work I get to do everyday!

How We Can Work Together

Women Architects & Designers

If you're an Architect, Landscape Architect or Interior Designer who's eager to up-level your design practice and learn how to connect with Nature's energies to generate dream sanctuaries while attracting amazing clients and money, then let's get on a call! 


Land Stewards & Property Owners

If you're a land steward and/or property owner who's eager to build a beautiful sanctuary in partnership with the Land and your Soul, while attracting abundance, vitality and joy, and are ready to begin project planning, then let's get on a call! 



  • The Living Locus

    “It was a pleasure to work with Aisha each step of the way. She gained our trust from the get-go with her willingness to listen and find the best solutions for us coupled with her sensitivity and deep respect for the land. We felt heard and seen and also learned to feel and see the land in a different way through her eyes. Her commitment showed in the countless hours she spent observing, exploring, contemplating in the land. Her genius as an intermediary between our dream and the wholeness of the land shows in the final design. Each of the 7 houses have their unique soul and gifts. It’s been 2 years living in my house and there hasn't been a day I felt gratitude for the safety and connectedness our home offers. Through each window the best of our surroundings are invited in and framed as living art, meanwhile the houses still feel cozy and contained." ”

    Family Constellation, Somatic Experiencing, Shamanic Energy Coach,

  • The Living Locus

    “Aisha greatly helped us align our vision and purpose with the spirit of the land where we're making our home. Her guidance was inspiring and helped us to uncover our true vision for our homestead, which she then finessed into a design of great beauty, as well as heal the land so that we can begin anew. It is absolutely wonderful to understand the energetics of our land, thanks to her help. We are excited to plunge our hands into the Earth and bring the design into reality, and look forward to an abundant homestead, filled with the richness of our collaboration with Aisha and the land, for years to come!”

    Owners & Stewards of the Land, Sustaine Ecostore,

  • The Living Locus

    “Aisha is someone I am very grateful to have come across at the early stages of our dream to create our family home at the Samanlik Neighborhood in Bodrum, Turkey. She accompanied us through every stage of the vision developing with a deep listening to the land and our needs as individuals and as a family. She is very skilled in tuning into your dreams and the land's capacities. At every stage we felt in deep conversation, which made the experience really enjoyable and grounded. We always felt like we were in great hands.”

    Owner, Karakaya Retreat Centre,

  • The Living Locus

    “I highly recommend experiencing the confident and easy manner in which Aisha guides you through connecting with the land and receiving what is in alignment for the intentions you have with your project. She skillfully asked the appropriate questions to glean the information needed and it has lead to a perfect and functional space as intended. ”

    Alchemical Healing & Yoga Instructor, Serenity Now Yoga

  • The Living Locus

    “There is no one else quite like Aisha! She did a wonderful job of creating a space for people to connect with the land then took the group through a visioning exercise. She has a unique and intuitive ability to feel what the land needs and guide the group towards a collective vision. She has access to a different realm and brings this to her design work. She was a joy to work with!”

    Initiator, The Junction Village Guelph,

  • The Living Locus

    “Working with Aisha has already brought me so much! I love how Aisha guides me with her individuality. With an intuitive way she feels very well what is right and what is not right. Aisha brings out my uniqueness. She motivates and enthuses and also knows how to correct where necessary. This is a nice balance between male doing energy and female arising energy. In this way, I can only become the best version of myself, right now. I am able to achieve more than I thought possible for myself! Because of her
    guidance and motivation, I can now transform all thoughts, all possibilities that shoot or wander through my mind into actions,
    concrete and tangible form. Because of this I am now developing and
    working out a unique, workable trajectory for my clients, which also
    completely fits who I am. Through our cooperation and guidance I gain
    self-confidence in my own abilities. It is worth it and I am already
    motivated to get out what is in it, every moment!”

    Landscape Architect, Founder of Garden Constellations™

  • The Living Locus

    “What a wonderful pleasure and process to experience the birthing of my long-held dream retreat sanctuary with Aisha! Although a lot of my vision was in my head prior, after working with Aisha I have a beautiful conceptual drawing with which to manifest the ideal property. Aisha’s unique process took me deeper into my vision and at the same time allowed her to really listen to my thoughts and ideas. Then she added her amazing intuitive talents to produce a plan that is already way more wonderful than I could have imagined by myself. I look forward to continuing collaboration with her and I know she is bursting with many more creative ideas to bring this project into the new world. I cannot recommend Aisha enough for anyone considering the creation of a project that needs to birth, for the healing of mother earth and all its inhabitants. Aisha brings the connection with the spirit of the land (small or large) to the design process. When spirit endorses the project, it cannot help but be perfect for those that will experience its healing energy”

    Interior Designer, Revital-Eyes Interiors,

  • The Living Locus

    “I am grateful for Aisha, a true visionary connecting in every sense Sky and Earth! Aisha's online course is a precious gift to all who need the inspiration to move to a different level in their profession related to architecture, interior or landscape design. As a creator of a spiritual approach to space and home arrangement, I highly recommend Aisha's work and courses to everyone feeling and hearing the call of a new time and age. I love how she gently yet strongly raises our awareness to the only way forward: living a soul conscious life in collaboration with the love and spirit of Nature and the Land.”

    Creator of Mind Space Method,

Courses & Programs

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2-Day Online Masterclass for Women Architects & Designers on How to Transform Your Client's Properties into Dream Sanctuaries with Joy & Ease by Unleashing Your Intuitive Powers & Co-Creating with the Spirit of the Land.

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This 9-week course guides you to create a blueprint for your dream sanctuary that attracts abundance, vitality and joy. It includes step-by- step guides, tutorials and guided audio journeys for smooth property planning. 

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A 12-week design program to build your dream sanctuary within a powerful group container of creators & visionaries.  It includes step-by-step exercises, access to a private membership site, bi-weekly LIVE group sessions, and collaborative support. 

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Sign up to learn more about this 3-month Advanced Program for High-Achieving, Spirit-Conscious Women Architects & Designers! 

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Partner With Me

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Partner with Aisha Rose on your own high-touch experiential journey to design the blueprint for your dream sanctuary no matter where you are in the world! 

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Partner with Aisha Rose if you're an Architect, Landscape Architect or Interior Designer who wants to up-level your design practice and learn how to connect with Nature's energies to create dream sanctuaries while attracting amazing clients and money! 

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An Unforgettable High-Touch 4-Day VIP Group Mentorship Journey to a Mega Power PlaceMystery School Centre, Bridge between East & West, and one of the 7 Wonders of the World.

Doors are open for Oct 2024!!! Early bird discount expires June 22. Spots are limited.

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The series has come to an end.

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For women architects & designers who are eager to explore what's possible with leading a prospering design practice aligned with Spirit & their Divine Calling while making a powerful impact on Earth.

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