Women Architects, Designers, Land Stewards & visionary leaders ready to build the sacred blueprints for our new earth! 

Join Aisha Rose for an Unforgettable High-Touch 1:1 VIP Mentorship Journey through one of the 7 Wonders of the World to Activate your Divine Creation Capacities, Uplevel your Prospering Spirit-led Design Practice, Anchor in your Soul's Planetary Mission, and Birth your Pioneering Dream Sanctuary! 



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Are You

  A high-achieving, spirit-conscious woman architect, landscape architect, interior designer who's eager to bridge spirit with design but don't see how this could be a viable channel for abundant client and money flow?

✵ A visionary leader and steward of the land who's hearing the call to birth a BIG NEW EARTH PROJECT blazing the trail for a totally alternative, heart-centred and sustainable form of living on the Land that fulfills your soul's purpose, but overwhelmed with the task of bringing your vision down into a practical and successful plan? 

 Feeling blocked, depleted & burned out from the grind of conventional practice, despite experiencing financial and professional success, having gone as far as you can within that paradigm, and yet something bigger is calling you but you're too scared to take the leap?

Yearning for a nourishing & creative work rhythm, enjoying more time outdoors connecting with your body & the Earth while attracting the spaciousness and funds to finally design your own dream sanctuary. Not just for others?

 Hearing the call to build a beautiful temple - a space for healing, creativity & spirituality, a school, intentional community, organic farm aligned with Nature's Energies but don't know where to begin with planning?

Hi, I'm Aisha Rose


After 20 + years of pouring my love into teaching and practicing architecture internationally and successfully working with land energetics, I've discovered how to design beautiful properties that bring vibrant health & wealth to my clients and this planet

My signature system, The Sacred Blueprint™, has touched 1000+ architects & property owners in less than 2 years. I’m a sought-after expert, the only one in my field providing high-touch coaching for women architects, designers & visionary leaders on how to partner with Nature's energy to create homes, gardens, communities, and cities of the future.

After a successful career in conventional architecture, I was miserable and depleted. Not only that, I could see the limits of the old paradigm and how they were a detriment to our Mother Earth. I listened to my inner call, took the big leap, and quit my job to revolutionize a new way!

Now, I'm passionately living my mission, leading a flourishing business and sooo lit up about building the dream sanctuaries I help my clients create. I want this for you, too...

It is my honour to invite you to a rare and exquisite opportunity!

Welcome to your...




Receive custom crafted guidance & practical tools to unlock your unique genius and spiritual gifts.

Develop a design modality that spearheads the future architecture while increasing your brand credibility.

 Experience the activating power of the ancient city of Ephesus and Temple of Artemis ~ Mystery School and one of the 7 Wonders of the World!!!

✓ Access critical keys & codes to help you birth homes, gardens, and communities aligned with people’s souls and the spirit of the land.

✓ Unleash your intuitive powers and Goddess flow to create incredible dream sanctuaries while attracting amazing clients, projects and money (without overworking, stress and panic).

✓ Co-create with Nature's energies to achieve project goals with laser precision optimizing your creativity and productivity.

✓ Be guided through potent visioning exercises to anchor in a concept for your dream sanctuary.

✓ Discover how to magnetize the ideal property, collaborators, investors. 

✓ Rejuvenate and restore at a one-of-a-kind stunning retreat space with breathtaking views, enjoy relaxing time in Nature, eat amazing food and have tons of fun!

Remember the pulse of primal beginnings and overflowing waters of creation that exist within so you speak your truth and catapult your next level mastery and success!

 Activate your divine creation capacities so you pioneer the sacred blueprints for our New Earth, and make a healing impact on this planet while nourishing the next 7 generations and beyond!

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You're a successful and committed woman architect, landscape architect, interior designer who studies spiritual wisdom, healing or meditation, and want to learn how to use energy as a design tool to build sanctuaries that restore balance & beauty while attracting amazing money, projects & clients! 

You're a determined and well-resourced woman visionary leader and land steward who's feeling the urgency of changes occurring on the planet, and know (with every ounce of your being) that your soul is meant to pioneer a new way of living on the Earth and it needs to get done now!!! 

You have lost your passion & love for architecture and are searching for a fresh modality that brings joy & ease to project planning while healing your body & Soul.

You sense an indescribable huge shift arising and know you have an important role in creating temples that support the evolution in consciousness and build the sacred blueprints for our New Earth!



✵ Mind-blowing breakthroughs!

✵ Major downloads!

✵ Huge transformational shifts!

✵ Unlocking your creation codes!

✵ Making magic with Nature’s design team!

✵ Building your next-level mastery & success!

✵ Creating the impossible!








Your 2-Day 1:1 VIP Retreat Includes:


✓ 6hrs/ day of private 1:1 coaching with Aisha

Aisha's Private Tour of Ephesus City & Temple of Artemis

3 nights stay at the beautiful Ephesus Retreat Centre in a mountain location with stunning panoramic views of nature and the ancient city

Delicious Mediterranean Cuisine including Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner custom tailored to your dietary needs

Daily private chauffeur

Airport pick-up and drop-off

Ancient city entrance fees


Anna Morcombe

"Aisha's program is vital to my centering and connecting with my truth!"

Aisha’s mentoring has greatly allowed me to explore the inner worlds of myself that are needed in today’s world. And to bring them forward in my passion and thinking. I am integrating parts of my experience. I am fulfilling the mission that I’m here for, Alchemizing, Nurturing, Honoring, and Healing with light in my heart. Aisha is a healer. So far, I began healing myself and I now recognize I am a healer. So, I can express myself peacefully, without dimming my light with shame or worry. This is part of the container we’ve created, and Aisha is holding supportively through the program, to birth the creativity that’s in me through my projects. For me, saying YES to this is transformational, I am having new breakthroughs often, and achieving my goals. Her guidance has encouraged me to direct my work and make decisions in ways that support my flow."

Anna Morcombe, Architectural Designer & Land Healer, www.dwellingdesign.com.au

Tami Codianne Miller_circle

"The gift that Aisha shares is unique in its transformation to allow you to grow directly and indirectly from her teachings and through her words of empowerment.

In her one-on-one mentor offerings, she finds those points of connections with the land, with spirit, with inspiration, and with source, and stewards you into finding your own connections as well. Her personalized meditations and check-ins guided me step-by step into developing a greater trust in my intuition and body sense while the practices and exercises encouraged me to think through how it all translated into the vision and mission of creating my business offerings."

Tami Codianne-Miller, Intuitive Designer

"We feel very blessed to have worked with Aisha! I feel she has a unique gift of communicating with the natural world without losing site of the practicalities of everyday living.

I feel very fortunate to have worked with Aisha on our neighbourhood project. This project was very close to my heart and I don't think I could have found someone more sensitive to our needs as individuals, as a community and negotiate it with the land so skillfully that we could fit in and feel as a whole. 

It was a pleasure to work with Aisha each step of the way. She gained our trust from the get go with her willingness to listen and find the best solutions for us coupled with her sensitivity and deep respect for the land. We felt heard and seen and also learned to feel and see the land in a different way through her eyes. Her commitment showed in the countless hours she spent observing, exploring, contemplating in the land. 

Her genius as an intermediary between our dream and the wholeness of the land shows in the final design. Each of the 7 houses have their unique soul and gifts. It’s been 2 years living in my house and there hasn't been a day I felt gratitude for the safety and connectedness our home offers. Through each window the best of our surroundings are invited in and framed as living art, meanwhile the houses still feel cozy and contained." 

Feride Gürsoy, Family Constellation, Somatic Experiencing, Shamanic Energy Coach, www.feridegursoy.com



Private Alchemical Healing Session


Private Followup & Strategy Session


Anemona Crisan

"Right from the beginning, I felt Aisha's unique and magnificent gift of deeply understanding me.

Through holding space for me and my project, Aisha helped me re-discover my inner guidance to access my authentic power and greatness so I'm able to do the work and follow the purpose I’m here to do. Her profound expertise and knowledge in architecture, design and space energetics support my artistic approach in a beautiful, organic way and help me pave the way for new, impactful art works and projects to be birthed. As a woman artist, who's working within architecture, landscape and the Earth with a revolutionary view of art, Aisha’s mentoring has been a crucial support on my journey!"

Anemona Crisan, Visual & Site Specific Artist, Founder of BEARTHUMANITY, www.bearthumanity.net, www.anemonacrisan.com

"Thanks a lot, Aisha, it's an honour to learn from you!

I was instantly attracted by Aisha's embodied presence and her New Earth's vision! I jumped into her course without having land and no prior planning for my project!  I was delighted by the quality of content and perfect blend of spirituality, manifestation tools & Aisha's brilliance in architecture. I loved seeing Aisha's cheerful, confident personality in each module and how she held the space for the group. I would recommend her program to anyone who is looking to build a sanctuary in alignment with their Souls & Mother Gaia." 

Viktorija Simasiute, Evolutionary Guide & Mentor, www.viktorijasimasiute.com

"I am grateful for Aisha, a true visionary connecting in every sense Sky and Earth!

"Aisha's online course is a precious gift to all who need inspiration to move to a different level in their profession related to architecture, interior or landscape design. As a creator of a spiritual approach to space and home arrangement, I highly recommend Aisha's work and courses to everyone feeling and hearing the call of a new time and age. I love how she gently yet strongly raises our awareness to the only way forward: living a soul conscious life in collaboration with the love and spirit of Nature and the Land."

Kata TromWriter, Teacher and Creator of Mind Space Method, www.tromkata.com

"What a wonderful pleasure and process to experience the birthing of my long held dream retreat sanctuary with Aisha!

Although a lot of my vision was in my head prior, after working with Aisha I have a beautiful conceptual drawing with which to manifest the ideal property. Aisha’s unique process took me deeper into my vision and at the same time allowed her to really listen to my thoughts and ideas. Then she added her amazing intuitive talents to produce a plan that is already way more wonderful than I could have imagined by myself. I look forward to continuing collaboration with her and I know she is bursting with many more creative ideas to bring this project into the new world. I cannot recommend Aisha enough for anyone considering the creation of a project that needs to birth, for the healing of mother earth and all its inhabitants. Aisha brings the connection with the spirit of the land (small or large) to the design process. When spirit endorses the project, it cannot help but be perfect for those that will experience its healing energy."

Margaret Olsthoorn, Interior Designer, Revital-Eyes Interiors, www.revitaleyesinteriors.com

"Aisha is very skilled in tuning into your dreams and the land's capacities.

Aisha is someone I am very grateful to have come across at the early stages of our dream to create our family home. She accompanied us through every stage of the vision developing with a deep listening to the land and our needs as individuals and as a family. At every stage we felt in deep conversation, which made the experience really enjoyable and grounded. We always felt like we were in great hands!"

Melania Gil de Sagredo, Owner, Karakaya Retreat Center, www.karakaya-retreat.com

Goedele Aerts_circle

"I am able to achieve more than I thought possible for myself!

I love how Aisha guides me with her individuality. With an intuitive way she feels very well what is right and what is not right. Aisha brings out my uniqueness. She motivates and enthuses and also knows how to correct where necessary. This is a nice balance between male doing energy and female arising energy. In this way, I can only become the best version of myself, right now. I am able to achieve more than I thought possible for myself! Because of her guidance and motivation, I can now transform all thoughts, all possibilities that shoot or wander through my mind into actions, concrete and tangible form. Because of this I am now developing and working out a unique, workable trajectory for my clients, which also completely fits who I am. Through our cooperation and guidance I gain self-confidence in my own abilities. It is worth it and I am already motivated to get out what is in it, every moment!"

Goedele Aerts, Landscape Architect, Founder of Garden Constellations™