I am Aisha Rose Melodie Hassan. I'm an Architect*, Alchemical Healer and Geomancer with over 19 years of international experience designing buildings, gardens and sites from concept to construction.

After practicing in architecture firms and my own studio for some time, I awakened to something critically urgent.

(It was something I always felt deep down ever since I even started studying architecture but it took some time to fully process and come to the surface).

It was this: The practice of architecture, as we know it today, has lost its connection to the world of Spirit.

(This realization didn't just come out of the blue. It arose with the growth of my spiritual capacities through my studies in anthroposophy, esoteric knowledge and alchemical healing. I became more and more drawn to the spiritual realm after the birth of my son and started exploring the inner world of Nature).

*Licensed in Turkey

What were the signs of this urgent awakening?

  • I was getting sick all the time. I was drained. I knew something was terribly off with the way we were designing and building spaces. Bound for hours upon hours to the computer desk, I could feel the damage that it was doing to my body and soul.

  • Stress and panic in the architecture office leading to rushed and unresolved designs that did not fulfill client dreams nor responded to what the land deeply needed.

  • I felt the land's response to such 'un-aligned' design... it cried out, it got uneasy, it got offended, it was disappointed and hurt.

  • This way of designing wasn't getting the client any closer to their dreams nor was the architect coming out of process in an aligned and nourished state.

So with this newly surfaced awareness...and being totally drained of energy and having lost my passion for the practice.... 

I was ready to give up!

In fact, I did give up (so I thought!) ...I left the conventional architecture practice and dove into studying dowsing, the energetics of the land and trained in Alchemical Healing.

I really thought I was done with the whole architecture practice... until I received messages from the nature spirits (Neteru) of ancient Egypt.  

And they said: "Yo! You are a creator and builder of form ... you can't run away that fast!"  You just need to totally innovate the way to design... you will partner with us to revolutionize architecture and bring Spirit back to form!

The Neteru's message brought a new found strength and inner knowing that I have a sacred duty to bring back and tap into the impulse of the ancient temple builders but, in a totally new and innovative way.

After advancing in my alchemical healing & land energy practice, I knew I had a responsibility to give my clients the right tools to tap into their inner creative wisdom and listen to the voice of the land in order to design their healing sanctuaries.

There is an incredible opportunity for a deep partnership between client and architect. The architect can be the midwife for the birthing of the client's dreams by really listening to how their soul's purpose wants to emerge, by tapping into their signature energy. 

I knew that there was a way for them to be an active participant in the design process, to be the one's who were receiving the visions for their dream sanctuaries in a way that expressed their unique vibrational essence.  And..I knew that this new way of working would bring much ease and joy...and accelerate the whole planning process. 

So I started exploring...

I started weaving spiritual wisdom with the way I designed. 


aisha on the land_architecture and intuition workshop

And more and more I saw how this not only benefited my clients but our Mother Earth too!!!

(Because it's not possible to work in a conscious way without acknowledging the energetic body of the land).

And so my work is a dedication to bridging spirit with matter.   

And, to serving those who are hearing the deep call from their heart of hearts to create the sanctuary of their dreams in collaboration with Nature