Alchemical Healing Session


Hello! This is Aisha Rose. I am a Certified Alchemical Healing Practitioner who has trained with the master Alchemical Healing instructor, Nicole Balogh. I use my strong intuitive & creative skills to generate a supportive vessel for you to actively engage with energy & Spirit in order for the healing process to occur. Together we will investigate, discover & clear away layers that no longer serve your system. We will communicate and work together to bring you back to your aligned essence. 

Who Can Receive this type of Healing?

Anyone! Just about everyone needs healing energy in this fast pace and changing world. We are undergoing a major shift in consciousness at this time and people are awakening to their True Self or their True Life's Purpose. If you feel called to begin the process of transformation into Your True Shining Self, certain layers need to be sourced, acknowledged, honoured then released back to Source. Think of it as 'inner' maintenance work where we are clearing away what is no longer needed and perhaps what is inhibiting you from taking the next step in your life. With each healing session, your system comes back into balance & alignment with a clarity of your true essence and often an inner knowing about your sacred purpose. 

This Healing Art Form Can Help You If: 

  • You have chronic illnesses.
  •  If you experience recurring mental/ emotional patterns or life situations that inhibit you from shifting into the True Shining Being that You Are.
  • If you feel that you are overly sensitive to other people's energy or certain environments and have a tendency to 'take on' energy.
  • If you have an acute physical condition that needs relief or your body has gone through some kind of shock experience.
  • If you have reoccurring dreams, visions or intuitions that seem to call your soul, that seem to be telling you something about your past, present or future.
  • If you want to break free of stifling and restricting 'default' patterns.
  • If you need the energetic space and support to break through the veil that is inhibiting you from achieving the life that you deeply desire.
  • If you struggle with Fear, Anxiety, Frustration, Stress, Anger, Depression.
  • If you have gone through a major life shift and are carrying weight from the past experience.
  • If you are simply sparked with curiosity or feel drawn to what I am writing.
  • The Living Locus

    “I'm grateful for the "village" that helped me endure and emerge from my recent transition. You were a very impactful member of that village. I couldn't have done it without you. You encouraged and inspired me to heal from within. It was both powerful and empowering. The visualizations, breathing and meditative techniques that you taught me helped me heal while discovering some of the deep, underlying obstacles I was facing. You provided me with the tools I will use to continue this change within me. Your alchemical healing techniques in one session were more transformative and moving than the 10 sessions (and hundreds of dollars) I spent with a psychologist. I can't thank you enough! ”

    Sr. Content Strategist, Global Speaker, Founder - Özlü Creative + Community

  • The Living Locus

    “I didn’t know what to expect from my session with Aisha, but I got more than I could ever ask for! Aisha created a soothing and dynamic container from which I was able to connect with powerful spirits who continue to help me in daily life. From learning about what my mission is here in this incarnation, to helping our resident spirit get across a message and finally be able to transition, this session left me tear-stained, elated and super charged with the wisdom of the ages. As we shared back and forth, I understood how deeply connected Aisha was to spirit and how connected we were in our shared experience. I am so grateful for this experience of Aisha’s gifts. She is heaven sent, a true healer of a shifting planet.”

    Transformational Leader & Founder, Playing in the Light

  • The Living Locus

    “I had a very positive one hour healing session with Aisha. Before beginning, Aisha took time to explain the healing modality she uses, I appreciated her very soft and nurturing approach. My session was very transformative. Aisha supported the release of a large and heavy energy body from out of my field. I had never experienced anything like it before, it was truly remarkable. I felt a lot lighter mentally and emotionally and the physical pain I was having subsided as well. I highly recommend her services, she is a gifted healer.”

Private Healing Sessions

Each session is between 1 - 1.5 hours long.  The sessions happen within a warm and safe environment that is carefully tuned like a temple space. I am currently providing sessions remotely via Zoom. The effectiveness and potency of the healing work is not compromised due to Zoom or physical separation. We can be deeply connected to each other from afar. The Earth is One. 

How the Healing Work is Done 

You will be lying down (if that is physically possible) and I will work on sensing your energy body by feeling the field with my heart, hands and intuition. We have a physical body but we also have a life body or etheric body that holds information about our health. I will be tuning into this energetic body to receive information about the root aspect, the source of your condition/ issue.

The healing work is done through a collaboration between the healer and the healee which sets up a safe and connected space for available healing energies to aid the work. You will be fully awake and I will guide you through the process with open communication. I will ask you about what you are sensing and feeling. It could be anything from colours to images to temperature to sound. Emotions may come up and its all ok!  Emotions indicate important stages of the work and aid deep release. We will work towards uncovering the source of the challenge and create the loving vessel for healing. 

The beautiful thing about this healing art-form is at its core, it holds the firm truth that everyone possesses inherent self-healing capacities and when there is a strong commitment to heal oneself, the results become that much more effective. These healing capacities become awakened and strengthened through the help of available energetic phenomenon & consciousness with the guidance and coordination of the alchemical healer. 


What is Alchemical Energy Healing?

'Alchemy is the process of turning the base substance of who we are - the dark mystery of our subconscious - into the alchemical gold of knowledge and enlightenment'. - Nicki Scully

Alchemical Healing is an artistic form of energy healing that has its roots in a myriad of cultures. The modality that I work with was developed by the master healer Nicki Scully who weaves together shamanic knowledge of Indigenous healing modalities with those of Ancient Egypt into a new form of energy medicine. It is an artistic practice in that it is very much about creating lasting healing for the highest good of the client through our capacities for imagination and intuition.