I was just re-reading an article by the geomancer Alana Moore on geomantic instruments called Towers of Power. These towers are positioned in certain energy zones on the land and used as acupuncture points in a landscape, farm or garden that merge nourishing cosmic energies with earth energies. They are able to enhance the abundance of a region in terms of crop/ plant growth as well as up-level health & vitality. Moore and other dowsers studied the use & benefits of power towers such as the Round Tower of Kilmacduagh in Ireland (Shown in image. From World Pilgrimage Guide -

What if we brought this idea of the power tower back into the design of our cities, towns and private properties? What if we incorporated this ancient geomantic tool as a living work of art & architecture in the landscape?  

(Image of a tower blessing from Alana Moore's website:

There are currently people using smaller versions of these power towers with much success!

Here is Moores description:

"Towers of Power can be described as paramagnetic antennaes that collect and focus beneficial cosmic energies and direct them into surrounding soil. The spherical energy field of enhanced magnetism around them stimulates biological processes and enhances the health, vitality and wellbeing of plants and animals in the vicinity. Topsoil production is accelerated and bumper crops are often the result. Plants can go on to have increased sugar levels, which makes them taste sweeter, while they become more resilient, and less pest and frost prone. Up to one hundred acres of coverage has been observed, on a wheat farm on the Eyre Peninsula of South Australia, with just one large (4m high) Power Tower."

Moore warns that these towers can't just be placed anywhere. A certain intersection of energies is required so, dowsing for the right spot on your property is critical. 

If we form a connection with the Spirit of the Land/ Place through awakening our intuitive faculties, it is possible to ask and be guided towards the ideal location for one of these towers. We can even go into the details of how high and how wide the tower wants to be and even it's colour and architectural details! 

A temple begins with just 1 post! 

~ Aisha Rose